Mizuno Wave Prophecy

Mizuno Wave Prophecy running shoe review

Mizuno Wave ProphecyThe definition of prophecy is as follows: A prophecy is the message that has been communicated to a prophet which the prophet then communicates to others. Put simply Mizuno has developed the Wave Prophecy in order to showcase their revolutionary ideas and concepts of shoe technology. This will in time have a huge bearing of the direction of their running shoe technology going forward.


After inspecting the new Wave Prophecy I was amazed at the relatively lightweight feeling upon picking up the shoe, the full length wave plate replaces the traditional eva midsole and makes for a super responsive ride and feel. The ability of the wave plate to alter in structure based upon the level of pronation present is one of the most exciting features of this shoe.


This shoe is for the runner who demands outstanding performance & wants the most unique ride available. It reminds me a lot of the Asics concept shoe the Kinsei but with the added bonus of the shoe functioning effectively. It comes in at a pretty hefty price tag of $320 and will have to tick all the boxes but I believe will take its place as one of the pioneers of shoe technology in the years to come.


It claims to suit a varying gait type ranging from Neutral to mildly pronated. It has the making to live up to this billing as it has a fair amount of motion control from our initial testing of the shoe.

Overall the Wave Prophecy looks the goods, now all we have to do is wait for what will be one of the most anticipated shoe releases of 2011.